Your 4 Week Guide to Acing a Scholarship Exam

Scholarship exams are like any other competition where if you win, financial rewards and appreciation are showered on you. And who wouldn’t like such beneficial aid when they are still in the earlier phases of their academic life, i.e., class 10? But what if you end up wasting the precious time you have to prepare for the scholarship exam? How will you utilize the remaining time to ace the scholarship exam?

As you are reading this article, there is no denying that you are stuck in the situation we have just written about. You applied for the scholarship exams for class 10 passed students quite enthusiastically but lost the momentum of preparation gradually. If that is the case, well don’t worry much. Things can still be put under control. Though there’s just a month left in the exam, you can still manage to ace it if you study hard and follow a structured schedule.

Below is a 4-week guide which if followed rigorously can help you ace the scholarship exams for class 10 passed students. So don’t waste time now and read ahead!

Week 1

Begin the week by first checking out the whole syllabus of the scholarship exam and then prepare a timetable. For instance, if you have applied for Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE), you will have five subjects—Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Mental Ability— to prepare. Set aside a day or two for reading the topics of each subject. If you check the syllabus of ANTHE, you will notice that each subject has around 4-5 topics that you need to prepare. Here are some things not to miss while beginning your preparation:

  • Check the previous years’ papers and prioritize topics as per the most repetitions questions asked
  • Eating healthy to keep your body and mind fit
  • Quick breaks to refresh the mind
  • Don’t burn the midnight oil and take proper rest
  • Don’t forget to make notes for later revision

Week 2

Just like the first week, this week should also be dedicated to covering the syllabus. The syllabus may look small, but when you start reading and understanding the topics, believe us, you will take a lot of time. So, instead of just going through the topics rashly, we advise you to study them carefully to understand them completely.

If you have any doubts or do not understand a topic clearly, you can always ask your teachers and classmates to help you with the solutions. You can also watch educational videos on the internet to understand complex topics in a fun way. Videos and creative educational articles also prove to be quite effective when you wish to retain what you learnt during your preparation period.

Week 3

Once you are done with the syllabus, start focusing on your practice. There are many students who do not take practice seriously, but this is one of the biggest mistakes they commit. The realization of this fact hits them only when they are sitting in the examination hall, unable to recall what they studied. By practising rigorously, you can become proficient in the topics and will be able to recall the solutions during the exam. Moreover, the practice also improves your speed and accuracy which is quite important when it comes to acing a competitive exam.

For better practice, here are some practice tips:

  • Solve quizzes
  • Practice Important Questions
  • Test Yourself on Previous Years’ Papers

Week 4

After your practice, it will be easy for you to evaluate your progress. If it’s going well, turn your focus towards revision in the last week. However, if that’s not the case, try to concentrate on the weaker areas. You can dedicate 1 or 2 days to strengthen them and then get back to your revision. Read the notes carefully that you prepared in the 1st and 2nd week. This is the best time to utilize that. Some other things that you need to do in the last days of the preparation are as follows:

  • Read the exam rules and regulations
  • Fill your mind with positive things to avoid stress and panic (they can badly affect your performance)
  • Take a good night’s sleep
  • Eat healthy food

You have your guide ready now. Just follow it religiously, and all will work out well. All the best!