Write the success story of your business

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Handsome revenue, brand recognition, satisfied customer and immense goodwill are just few to name features on which the success story of an enterprise is written. To attain all these features of a strong company, lean/agile principals and practice plays an important role. To thoroughly get acquainted with them, Leading Safe Certification Training is the pathway. The training is helpful to all agile team members, but the best gainers are the one who is targeting enterprise transformation and want to follow the efforts of the Lean and agile principles. The training is useful to all managers, program managers, coaches and consultants along with peoples who are interested in implementation of SAFe.

For seamless execution of the transformation is fully backed by Scaled Agile Framework Certification in Barcelona. The training is designed in such a way that it facilitates seamless transformation by keeping aligned to collaboration and delivery of an agile team that put the enterprise on a success pathway. An enterprise that is looking forward to a change or transformation, the principles of agile isa great help to them. Depending on the requirement of the business, the training is tailor- made to impart all the knowledge that a certified Angilist should possess. It teaches principles of flexibility using the scaled agile frameworks.

Why Scaled Agile Framework training?

  • A person who has successfully completed the training will be able to explain and promote the advantages and uses of SAFe.
  • It will help him demonstrate how agile helps in product development following the rules.
  • They can easily recognize the impact of training in the company.

The Scaled Agile Framework training is a 2 day classroom training with 14 PDUs and 14 SEUs. The tutoring helps in grabbing one year membership with scaled agile after successful completion of the training. The learning process is ease through the free downloadable reference materials. Each and every detailed information regarding the exams such as date or number of questions that a paper consists is made available to the students.Learners are given first hand knowledge of about the questionnaire s given that follows the certification.

Benefits of the training.

  1. On successful completion of the training you will be able to apply your knowledge for the betterment of your business enterprise.
  2. You will be able to coordinate the large value streams.
  3. You get an addition made to your current profile.
  4. With the use of your knowledge you align the organization and put it on the pathway of success.

The course stands highly valuable to project and program manager, portfolio managers, enterprise, system and solution architects, executives, leaders, managers and directors. Those who possess 5+ years of experience in software development, business analysis and those who are experienced in the scrum are the best gainers from the mentioned training. All the principle of agile is applied to gain more revenues thus writing the new success story of your business.