Winstrol for Sale 3 FATAL MISTAKES to Avoid When Shopping Online

Winstrol is popular as Winni among its users has gained popularity among anabolic steroids. for both men and women Winstrol is very effective when it comes to athletic performance, gym rat and for bodybuilding. Since most of the professional athletes have started using it, winstrol became very famous today.

Winstrol reached the headlines some time ago when a very famous athlete caught using it. The Canadian athlete, in 1998 summer Olympics was tested positive for the use of winstrol. This is the reason majority of the people research the internet for winstrol.

Sale of winstrol pills:

Among the anabolic steroids which are meant for both the genders, winstrol comes in the top of the list. It is very effective for bodybuilders if they want become stronger for a contest. Winstrol pills are usually avoided by performance enhancers since it is not suitable for promoting size. Stanozol is the active hormone which is usually included along with winstrol pills. Aromatization will not be there with these pills. It comes with almost zero androgenic characteristics and it is highly anabolic in nature.

It has the ability to enhance protein synthesis and it can increase the level of nitrogen retention. This is due to its anabolic nature. Stanozol helps winstrol pills to produce synergy with other anabolic steroids. it achieves this by lowering SHBG. At 17th carbon position, steroid has been changed. So 17-alpha alkylated or 17-aa is the available winstrol pills. Click here to see the websites that sell legal Winstrol tablets.

Because of this modification, steroid is able to survive ingestion. If it lacks this modification then liver will easily destroy this. Winstrol should be recommended only for short period of time. When using winstrol pills, there will be enhanced liver enzymes. This will come to normal standards if the individual stops taking the pills. Winstrol is recommended only for short period of 6-8 weeks.

The two common forms in which winstrol pills available which are 50 mg tablets and 10 mg tablets. They both include same stanozolol still there is difference between these two forms. Individual can choose the portions as per their needs since there will be some difference in their potency.


There are mainly three types in winstrol. They are injectables, oral tablet form and water base solution. When it comes to efficiency, all the forms are equal. 9 hours is the half life of Stanozolol oral form. 24 hours is the half life for winstrol depot. When we consider injections, it is much stronger per mg and between two there is slight difference. C-17 alpha alkylated is present in both the forms of Winstrol. Oral consumption is also allowed for injectable form since winstrol is the only anabolic steroid which comes with C17 alpha alkylated.

The average recommended dosage for women is 10 mg tablets and for men 50 mg winstrol tablets. In the market winstrol can be found in higher volumes as well.

Winstrol is the best when there is no maintenance in calorie intake but there is tissue loss.