Why you shouldn’t neglect your email marketing strategy

Its important to remember that marketing tactics are not mutually exclusive. Trying a new tactic doesn’t mean its time to cross another off the list. An integrated marketing campaign does just that  integrates. If you’ve found yourself questioning your email marketing strategy, you are probably not alone .I have compiled a list of questions and concerns marketers may have as they evaluate email marketing as a piece of their strategy and some explanations to [hopefully] put your mind at ease. Were doing social media now.. And don’t need email marketing. Yes, you do. Statistics show incorporating the two boost overall performance and generate more clicks. Companies like Limo Houston are engaging with  Social as well email together, and giving users more opportunities to share your content increases the likelihood that they will. I can’t measure email marketing. Email providers have made huge strides in tracking and reporting. The simplest way is to provide an exclusive promo code or URL only found in email. Most importantly, use Google Analytics and tag all URLs in your email so you can see which messages generated the most clicks to your website. (Tip: use Googles URL builder)No one wants to get emails from a business or brand. The best part about email marketing is that its opt-in. These are people who have raised their hand saying, Yes! Id like to receive messages from you. There are few marketing channels that work this way, and while you may incentivize them to give you their email address at first, its simply your job to keep them engaged (through compelling content, more incentives, etc.)Email is only useful for B2C brands like online shopping sites and retailers. While it may seem easier for the Old Navy’s or Amazons of the world to send emails (think coupons, sale promos), B2B marketers should by no means discount the channel. Providing relevant content, compelling enough for people to share, can grow your subscriber list (i.e. leads!). Establish your brand as a thought leader and come out on top in the long run. The list could go on. What to remember? Email marketing strategies are measurable, play well with others, and should remain the backbone of any integrated interactive marketing strategy.