Why You Need Hydraulic Shaft Seals

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In hydraulic systems, a piston is moved by using a fluid to push it out and let it slide back in once the pressure has been released. This usually requires a pump for the fluid as well as high-quality shaft seals to keep the fluid moving, clean and where it needs to be.

Keep it Moving

The right high pressure hydraulic shaft seals can really make your system run better. Not only will they be the right specifications, but they will often last longer than ones that do not quite fit. The fluid in your shafts will be moved by pressure, pumping it in or pumping it out. If there are gaps or hones in your seals, then the pressure will escape through them instead of pushing the piston where it needs to go and holding it there.

Keep it Clean

The right specifications for your seals will also help keep your hydraulic fluid clean. This can not only help the fluid move better, but it will reduce pitting and scaring on your piston and shaft from dirt that could otherwise get into it.

Leaking hydraulic fluid can cause more potential harm than just making a mess as well. This can create slip-and-fall hazards, ruin other pieces of equipment and sometimes even create a fire hazard. It is a good idea to check your seals on a regular basis and have back-ups for easy repairs and replacements.

Hydraulic shaft seals, whether high or low pressure, are an important component in many different types of equipment. These seals help pistons move in shafts as well as keep the pressure constant and controlled for holding heavy loads or letting them down slowly and carefully. You can find many seals to fit various specifications from dedicated companies and have all of the replacement parts that you need to keep things clean and moving smoothly.