Why Airplanes Are Being Painted “Green”

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Most people probably have not noticed because there would be no real reason to but most airlines are now painting their planes in a manner most would call “green”. But why are they doing away with the traditional paint? Well, for one reason, the paint that has long been used to paint airplanes is laced with a toxic chemical known as hexavalent chromium. This chemical has been the main anti-corrosive substance painted onto planes ever since it was invented in Worl War 2.

However, recently they have come under fire due to the perceived environmental hazards the chemical presents. It may work very well but many feel it is not worth the risk. This is why it is great news that scientists have invented a new kind of chrome free anti corrosion liquid . By being chrome-free, the coating will be embraced by more of the general public and will not be under such stiff regulatory requirements.

One of the main reasons that chromate has come under fire is because it has been found to cause cancer. Yes, chromium is on the list of known carcinogens. Both OSHA and the EPA have reported that long-term periods of exposure to chrome could lead to cases of lung cancer and damage to the sensitive tissue of the inner nose and eyes.

While the “chrome-free” label is a bit misleading as there still may be trace amounts of chromium hexate in the coating, the levels are low enough to be considered safe to work around and to place into landfills.

As can be seen, there are some great reasons to avoid using paint that has chromium added to it and even more reasons to adopt a paint that is generally chrome-free. It will result in a cleaner environment and healthier workers which is best for everybody in the longterm.