Why a Plan B Is a Good Idea

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Nobody wants anything to go wrong on an important day, but big events altogether are a gamble. Mother Nature likes to flex her muscles on a whim, so keep a plan B in mind when you’re putting together any event, indoor or outdoor.

Alternate Location

Think about where you will put everyone during an outdoor event if the weather turns and suddenly there’s a storm.

  • Event tents were made for emergencies like this. Coming in a variety of sizes, these durable structures protect guests from the elements. Check into the availability of event tent rental in Massachusetts and other wet areas.
  • Is there a building on site that can house people during a storm, or a different facility within a few miles? Perhaps a hotel, restaurant or even a bar to use instead?
  • If you or one of your friends has a home large enough to fit the event, ask if you can use it during an emergency.

Let Them Eat Cake

Unexpected surprises can occur when you’re feeding a crowd. Have a backup plan for alternatives in case your food option doesn’t come through or if you realize you don’t have enough.

  • Keep phone numbers handy to take-out food places nearby. Pizza and teriyaki are classics that are usually crowd-pleasers.
  • Take mental notes about grocery stores nearby that are open 24 hours.
  • Check into food-delivery apps like GrubHub and DoorDash. Not only are these convenient, but they are safer if everybody has been drinking.

Prevent Drinking and Driving

Before sending intoxicated drivers out on the road, have a backup plan. Prevent guests from drinking and driving after leaving your event.

  • Hire a taxi service to escort guests safely home.
  • Ask for volunteers beforehand to act as designated drivers for the evening.
  • Download apps like Uber and Lyft to have on standby.

Assess the risks before a  big event and try to plan ahead. Better to be prepared than caught in the rain without an umbrella!