What Is the Purpose of Package Testing for Medical Products?

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Testing for medical packaging is an essential part of the process of getting new products out on the market safely. Testing methods vary, depending on the information needed. Below are a few of the facts that come to light with proper testing.

Seal Integrity Under All Conditions

No matter how your packaging is designed to seal shut, testing methods are developed to try the limits of the seal strength. You will know how sure the materials and product package design is before loading them up for shipment. Correcting serious flaws is easier done at this stage. Expert package design engineers will help recommend the necessary changes.

Ability to Hold Up to Shelf-Life Date

Advanced aging techniques are beneficial in determining your packaging ability to hold to the expected shelf-life. It is a physical test that demonstrates the durability of the materials and packaging technique over an accelerated timeline. If it does not pass in the lab, it will fail in the real world.

Puncture and Tear Resistance

Most packaging has a point of no return when it comes to puncture and to tear. Testing methods try and find out what that threshold is for your medical product packaging. It is useful to know how durable the materials are that you have chosen to create the packaging. Demonstrated serious weaknesses suggest changing to a more sustainable product.

Barrier Protection

Items that are required to arrive at their destination free of dust, germs and other contaminants get sent out in some barrier packaging. Packaging testing for barrier protection is critical for these items to meet compliance standards. You can make any necessary changes that will save on frustration at finding the weaknesses the hard way.

Shock and Vibration Cushion

Depending on the method of shipping chosen, it can put medical packaging to the test. Many sensitive medical items are not able to withstand much shock and vibration. It is critical that the packaging design provides enough cushion to protect the items encased within.

Leak-Proof Packaging

You want packaging for liquid materials to have enough strength that nothing leaks out. The packaging also needs to protect your products from moisture intrusion. It is a dual test to ensure there is an adequate moisture barrier.

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