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Unexpected Father’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year again. Father’s Day has arrived, and like most sons or daughters, you’ve probably been stuck doing some last minute brainstorming as to what you can do for your dad. Fathers are notoriously bad about telling people what they’d like, usually settling for an old cliché like “more ties are always nice,” or “I just want to see you and have a meal.” That’s all well and good, but every grown child wants to find something special for this holiday also. To help with that, here are a few unexpected ideas that can be the perfect Father’s Day gifts under the right circumstances.

Use Coupons To Find Gifts

This isn’t a specific gift idea, granted, but it is something a lot of people don’t think about and probably should.Coupons have become more prevalent and accessible than ever before thanks to website and apps that exist just to help people find deals. That doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily hit the jackpot the first time your start browsing, but you might find some interesting opportunities for affordable, thoughtful Father’s Day gifts. If nothing else, you may simply be inspired by the array of products and services showcased through coupons, and you could wind up thinking of the perfect present.

Find Him Some College Merchandise

It’s a pretty common idea to get dad something recognizing his favorite sports team. Major League Baseball in particular tends to do a great deal of advertising specifically targeting Father’s Day, given that the holiday comes at the height of the season and there are plenty of dads out there who love baseball. But you might be able to surprise your father a little bit by neglecting pro sports and instead helping him return to his college roots. These days you can usually find aclothing retailer specific to a given school, particularly if that school has a strong athletic program. Whether it’s a casual T-Shirt, a golf polo, or any other article of clothing, it’s something he’ll be happy to open.

Give The Gift Of Gaming

Statistics show that adults like to play games more than most of us might expect, and your dad, believe it or not, might have a secret passion for it. A new gaming console is a pretty serious gift, but it also serves multiple purposes, essentially comprising a full entertainment system. Or you could get a little more creative and support a different kind of gaming habit. For instance, online casinos might appeal to a lot of dads out there who grew up playing poker or fondly remember a bachelor party or two from Vegas, and there are alwaysbonus games, giveaways, and promotional content that you can provide a deposit for. It’s unorthodox, but it’s a surprising and fun-filled gift when you think about it.

Expose Him To Casual Accessories

When previous generations were growing up, there weren’t as many casual, stylish options when it came to men’s accessories. That’s why a lot of dads will either wear an expensive watch or nothing, and why plenty of them will splurge on Ray-Bans or designer sunglasses or else settle for something cheap. But these days, thanks in large part to online retail, there are a lot more options that combine quality with reasonable pricing. MVMT comes to mind as a company selling bothwatches and sunglasses in this range, and there are plenty of other options as well. Shwood has become popular for selling wooden sunglasses at affordable prices, for instance, and Vincero Collective has emerged as a strong competitor to MVMT. You can help your dad save money and up his style in one go.

Plan A Party

This is going above and beyond, but if you have the opportunity to combine your Father’s Day celebration with those for other dads in the family or in your social circle, you can throw a full-fledged holiday bash. And don’t just make it a casual, traditional cookout. Invite friends and family, rope in acatering service, select a venue, and really show your dad and all the others invited how much you care. It’s not something you can pull off every year by any means, but this kind of gesture out of the blue can be very fun and impactful.

Hopefully those ideas helped to get your wheels spinning, if not for this year’s Father’s Day celebration then for next time you really need an idea for a notoriously tricky gift-giving occasion.