Tools That Home Mechanics Shouldn’t Live Without

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If you have converted your garage into a DIY space of automotive fixes, your workbench might already be strewn with the tools of the trade. From socket wrenches to ratchets, you probably can’t even see your work space. If you want to really impress your professional counterparts, there are some tools you just can’t live without. Most of these require an air compressor, which come in many sizes and can be equipped with arrow regulators for safety.

Impact Gun

With the impact gun, you are able to break tightened bolts free from the automobile. These are handheld and often operate between 90–100 psi. They come in different sizes which coincides with the intended use. The larger guns are typically for lug nuts.

Impact Ratchet

By using the impact ratchet, you can efficiently maneuver through tight spaces that a typical impact gun cannot reach. It has the same purpose as an impact gun, but you can change the socket size according to need. Due to size, these often run at a lower psi.

Paint Sprayer

Although a finishing touch requires a steady hand and a lot of patience, it can be hard to achieve the look without a quality paint sprayer. Running off a very low psi (between 10-20), a well-regulated pressure stream allows the paint to fan out in a wider arc and more consistency cover the vehicle. A smooth and even paint job is vital to a good looking car, and it is the mark of a true body shop professional.

Air Chuck

Without the right amount of air in the tires, not only are you in for a rough ride but you can create undue pressure on the edges of the tires. With an air chuck, you can quickly inflate the tires the proper psi. The larger the tire, the greater the pressure you can use coming from the compressor.

Give your garage workshop an upgrade with some of these efficiency tools. Every mechanic would love to have one.