Tips for a Successful Charity Fundraising Game

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Hosting a charity game is a great way to raise money for a school or organization. You can have high school players compete against their teachers and coaches, allow parents to play against their kids or bring in some celebrities from your area. No matter who decides to play, you can raise even more money and help guests have even more fun with some basic tips.

Offer Food

One way to raise more money during the game is with a concession stand. You can sell cold drinks or hot drinks based on the temperature and offer a wide range of snacks and dishes like nachos and hot dogs. Ask for volunteers to man the concession stand. They’ll make the food, prepare the orders and hand out the food. You might charge a set rate for each dish or allow visitors to pay what they want.

Set Out Donation Tins

You have the option of charging a fee for each ticket sold. Though you can charge one set fee, you can also charge different rates based on how close some seats are to the field or court. Another way to raise extra money is with donation tins. Place these tins at the front gate or entrance, next to the concession stand and even near the seats. This encourages guests to donate more than they initially paid for their tickets. Make announcements during the game to remind them of why they are there and where the money goes, which may make them donate a little more.

Make the Event Fun

Look for ways to make the game more fun like having a local celebrity introduce the players or having local cheerleaders put on a halftime show. You can also use modular display panels to help everyone keep track of the score. Many schools now use these panels because they are brighter and more visible than traditional scoreboards are. You may want to host other activities during the day like face painting for the kids or a chili cook off for adults. Using donation tins, making the event more fun and having concessions will help your charity game make more money.