Three Things You Can Do When You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau

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Losing weight can be difficult, especially when you’ve been working at it for a long time. While it’s true that weight loss is a matter of eating fewer calories and expending more of them, this can be much harder than it sounds. If you’ve been losing weight in the past but have now hit a plateau, you are probably frustrated with your situation. Don’t give up just because it is harder than it was before. Instead, consider these three things that you can do to jumpstart your weight loss and get you back on track.

Get Professional Help

If you’ve been going it alone during your weight loss journey, it may be time to get a little bit of help. Some people join support groups to help them deal with cravings and emotions while others talk to their doctors for medical advice or assistance. Or, look into natural remedies for overeating like those suggested by a trusted professional like Dr. Kshamica. These remedies can help to boost your metabolism and give you the psychological edge that you need to get back on the weight loss train.

Try a New Exercise

Hopefully, you’ve been working out while you lose weight, which will help to conserve muscle and improve your resting metabolism. If working out is a chore, maybe it’s time to mix it up and try something new. Visit a local gym or community center and look into different classes that they offer. Or, join a local group that meets in the park for yoga or t’ai chi. If exercise makes you miserable, switch to something fun like dancing with your partner or going swimming each morning.

Change Your Diet Routine

If you’re eating less but not seeing any weight loss, look at what you’re eating more closely. Go back to keeping a food journal for a few days. You may be surprised at what has been adding extra calories to your day. Cut out foods that no longer make you happy and add healthier, plant-based food options instead.