Three Benefits of Physical Therapy After An Injury

If you suffer an injury, your physician may refer you to physical therapy in Valrico, FL. The thought of physical exercise when you are injured may seem overwhelming, but physical therapy is necessary for becoming stronger and healthier. Here are three benefits of attending physical therapy after an injury.

Reduces or Eliminates Pain

Physical therapy reduces your pain by addressing the swelling, soreness and stiffness of the injured area. Your physical therapy session may include exercise, massage and manipulation, which helps your body to produce natural pain-relieving chemicals. It can also help to eliminate your pain altogether and prevent the pain from returning.

Improves Your Mobility

You may need physical therapy to help you recover from an injury that has caused immobility. The exercises strengthen the joints and muscles to promote healing. Your physical therapist creates a care plan to ensure you are not overdoing the exercise or doing the wrong exercises. Your care plan may also include a cane, walker or crutches to help you get around until you are healed.

Avoids or Aids Surgery

There is always a chance of physical therapy helping you to recover enough to avoid surgery. This means you can save money on health care and give yourself a peace of mind. If you do need surgery, it never hurts to attend pre-surgery physical therapy. You are strengthening your body before you head into surgery, and this can help you to recover from your surgery and injury at a faster rate.

Physical therapy is not limited to stretches and exercises. Your session may also include a massage or manipulation of the injured area. You may need an ultrasound or electrical stimulation to increase blood flow to the tissues, which helps to reduce or eliminate the pain. A heat and ice application may also be a part of your physical therapy. The heat is used to increase blood flow to the area, and the ice is used to decrease the swelling from your injury.

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