The Wonderful World of Horseback Riding

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There are few people as passionate about a sport as are equestrians. People who ride horses competitively (and also for the sheer enjoyment of it) live and breathe their sport, as they have a drive to ride that’s unlike almost any other. Riders usually start in the sport early on, and that childhood love of horses is often behind the love of the sport that many people share.

A Sport Unlike Any Other

Competitive horseback riding is a sport that takes a huge commitment in time and focus. It also involves a love of one’s partner in the sport, which is the horse itself. Many riders experience a very strong bond with their animal, to the point in which they feel they are communicating with their horse before, during and after the ride.

To get a sense of the depth of feeling horseback riders feel for their animals, take a look at the classic film “International Velvet,” which started the very young Elizabeth Taylor in the role that made her a star. In the film, the young girl loves her horse with such intensity she seems to burn through the screen with her passion for her beautiful animal friend. Yes, that’s the kind of love horseback riders feel for their animals, and there’s honestly something very inspiring about seeing someone have that kind of love for their sport (and their animal companion).

Horse Riding Equipment

Of course, anyone who begins riding horses seriously knows there is a lot to learn and a lot of equipment to deal with. A horse will need a stable to live in and stable keepers to keep it groomed and fed when the owner is unable to be there. Some owners put
horse jump gates out on their own stable grounds so they can practice jumps in between competitions. Along with all this, a horse owner/rider will also need a quality saddle and riding clothes.

Yes, getting a horse fully equipped and ready for competition is a lot to do, but for a truly dedicated rider, it’s all just part of the wonderful game.