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The Principles and Objectives of Material Handling

The art and science of moving, packing, storing and protecting of material in any form as long as they are fetched to further use is called materials handling. Given below are certain principles and objectives-

Planning Principle: It is authoritative to have a proper plan prior to the execution of any work. Therefore, the planning principle consist of the technique and timeline of possession or moving the material according to the wish of the customer.

Standardization principle: If you are managing a huge scale of material handling, upholding a standard is very imperative. Customization of material as per need can lead to wastage of the material thus resulting in dead stock.

Work Principle: The prime motive of using the work principle is to make sure the usage of handling equipment for movement of large-scale products. They are designed to minimize the load of work on the manual labour with no harm to the quality

Ergonomic principle: The science that strives for adjusting to work or working conditions to suit the abilities of the worker is called ‘Ergonomics’. For that reason, the ergonomic principle works on the objective of understanding the limits of the manual labour and to make certain that maximum work can be mined without having to put them in risk.

Space Utilization principle: As one of the projections of material handling is keeping of goods, the space utilization principle is an essential feature to be covered. The space is three-dimensional and is calculated in cubic space to adjust the material without breaking it.

Unit Load Principle: While moving and storing the goods it is imperative to know the unit load of the goods so as to ensure that it is appropriately sized and arranged in a way which attains the flow and stock intentions at each phase in the supply chain.

Environmental Principle: The entire machinery obligatory for the completion of the task of material handling should be keeping in mind the environment of the storage space. For instance energy consumption should be measured as an environmental factor as soon as carrying out the routine tasks of material handling is begun. Effective usage of energy guarantees least wastage.

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