The Open MRI Process

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An open MRI machine allows for patients who are obese, afraid of being in tight spaces and those who have limited mobility to receive the necessary scans that they need so that the doctor can provide the proper treatment. You won’t be in the long tube that you might think of when you think about the traditional MRI that is done. Instead, you will be on a table with the machine that circles around you as it takes pictures of areas of the body that the doctor needs to see.

The way that you prepare for the scan will depend on what the doctor is looking for as you might need to take certain medications so that the doctor can see the blood vessels or medications that allow for an empty stomach and colon. You want to let the staff know if you might be pregnant or if you are nursing. Remove any jewelry and other items that are made of metal. Let the staff know if you have any medical devices that can’t be removed. It’s best to get to the office about 15 minutes before the appointment so that you can complete paperwork and get your insurance card processed. If there are issues, then you might need to reschedule. You also need to let the staff know if you are sick as some scans might not be able to be completed if you are sick.

As you are getting ready for the scan, the technician will give you details about what you can expect. There might be loud noises that you hear from the machine, but it won’t be anything like what you would hear from the traditional MRI machine. When you are comfortable on the table, the technician will let you know if you need to hold your breath or if you need to move at any time. Otherwise, it’s important to be as still as possible until the scan is completed. Once the scan is complete, the technician will usually be able to see the results before they are sent to the doctor. You can sometimes see the images as well if you have any questions or concerns.