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Steroids – weight loss

Usage of steroids for weight loss has becoming popular day by day. But many people have fear about the side effects. Regular use of steroids in women can cause effects like excessive growth of body hair, deepening of voice, and disturbed menstrual cycle. If one experiences all these, that will result in reduction of feminine features.

Due to some of the severe side effects that could be caused due to the regular use of steroids, many of them are off-limits to women. But in common all the steroids can be used by women to yield same effects which the men do. They can use to build muscle as well as to cut fat. Even though people are not aware of this, steroids have already gained enough popularity among female bodybuilders. This may surprise many people but the truth is even anabolic steroids are in use among women fitness enthusiasts.

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Many women go for mild steroids. These don’t cause severe side effects when compared to heavier ones usually used by professional bodybuilders. Growth hormones are also used by many women. Of course this is not categorized as steroid as such.


To get the proper benefits of steroids for women they need to choose proper steroids. There are few steroids which are suitable for women and are called girl steroids. One among them is Anavar. These steroids are categorized as mild steroids.


There are many dangerous steroid side effects for women which one should knowhow; however, using safely results in positivity. Safe use of steroid is nothing but use it responsibly. Irresponsible use of them is one of the issues which men always face.

When it comes to usage by women, there will be slit changes than men. They need to use it differently. It is better to use androgenic and weak steroids so that there will be less chance for severe side effects. Some of the safe steroids listed for women are Anavar, Winstrol, Maxibolin, Nolvadex and primobolan.


Gaining muscle quickly using steroids depend on the steroids intake cycle. Usually long and light cycles are suggested for women. For example suggested dose for steroids like Anavar is 10mg over 7-8 weeks.

To be effective one who is taking the steroids should be in right shape. There should be proper training programs for women. Before they go for steroids these programs must be tuned based on their body and steroids intake. Flexible training programs should be there which will be suitable for different diets, body types and goals of the individual.

Along with tuning training programs, respective diets must also be tuned. Simple following the steroids prescription will not yield anything. Metabolism being a complex system must be taken care of and protected from long-term, severe damages.

High protein diet is commonly recommended for woman who is following steroids. Half of the daily needed calories can be absorbed from protein intake. Remaining can be supplied by adding carbohydrates and fat to the diet. Other nutrients and vitamins must be added in the diet like omega-3 fats, probiotics and extra protein. These will balance the overall health in women.