Sports physiotherapy


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A sport physiotherapist has completed the diploma course for sport physiotherapy offered by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA). The physiotherapist is experienced in caring for athletes at all performance levels, from national level athletes to active Canadians. Diploma holders gain experience by working with athletes at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, and other world championships.

Graduate physiotherapists receive field and clinical expertise through the CPA’s Sport Physiotherapy Canada unit. The sports physio treats a large number of injuries. For instance, they may treat individuals with injuries after a motor vehicle accident. Athletes with overuse injuries, trauma, or training errors may require treatment.

Sports physiotherapy Toronto professional guidance in a wide range of areas, including exercise prescription, functional return to activity, protective equipment, emergency care, athletic taping, and so on.

Where Do Sports Physiotherapists Work?

Physios are trained in orthopaedics and apply their skills in the clinical setting or court side. For instance, a soccer player with a knee injury may heal faster when the sports physiotherapist applies supportive taping. What’s more, an everyday injury suffered at home or at work also benefits from knowledgeable sports therapists.

How Does the Sports Physiotherapist Help the Injured Worker Return to Activity?

The experienced sports physiotherapist is well-versed in creating treatment plans that help people return to sport, work, or life. A progressive exercise programs helps the worker or athlete return to the relevant activity in a safe way while reducing re-injury risks.

A small number of physiotherapists have achieved the Sport Physiotherapy Certificate. Less than 300 hold the desirable Sport Physiotherapy diploma. The trained sports physiotherapist has trained more than 1,600 hours in the provision of on-field care. Sport Physiotherapy Canada’s exam process ensures that the physiotherapist has expertise in treating sports and life injuries.

What is a Sports Trainer?

Typically, a trainer refers to a provider of support services to an individual or sports team. Although the trainer could have a sports physiotherapist diploma or certificate, many trainers have no formal training. Before hiring a trainer, ask him or her about their qualifications.

It’s important to hire a credentialed physiotherapist because sports injuries tend to differ from most run of the mill injuries. A high-performance athlete places a high demand on his or her body. The athlete’s bones, muscles, and joints may be stressed to the maximum. Sometimes, the fine line between maximum performance and injury is crossed.

Every sport physiotherapist has acquired sports-specific knowledge to address overuse, acute, or chronic injuries.

The sports physiotherapist helps the athlete to safely recover from a sport injury, and provides necessary resources and education to help him or her to return to activities. They have acquired the latest evidence-based practices, assessments, and diagnoses of sports injuries. They also offer exercise protocols to assist in recovery and injury prevention.