Software Solutions for Oilfield Productivity


Oil drilling operates 24 hours a day in rapidly changing environmental conditions. Operators face long shifts and dangerous jobs. Companies balance risk and profit as they make daily decisions. A wise investment in oilfield production software boosts productivity.


Typical Functions of Software


Software performs repetitive, tedious tasks at a fast rate with minimal error. An oilfield generates large amounts of data that rapidly overwhelms human operators.


With software, you can:

  • Produce models from seismic data for oilfield exploration and development.
  • Optimize low-flow well production using historical data.
  • Automatically respond to site safety issues.
  • Analyze data across all aspects of production.
  • Watch out for maintenance issues.
  • Monitor product quality.
  • Manage financial transactions and respond to customer complaints.
  • Keep records for OSHA compliance.


Important Features of Software


Cloud storage allows for remote access to operations data. It also acts as a safety net in case local systems break down. An app for smartphones makes it easier for your workers to stay connected throughout the job site and even off the field.


Consider integrated software solutions across your financial, safety, and production systems. This facilitates data sharing across compatible modules. You will also decrease training time for your staff because the software applications will share similar interfaces.


The interface of your software package will impact how easy it is for your staff to learn the system. It also reduces the likelihood of costly errors when the software incorporates insights from human factors engineering. A button placed in a poor spot or a hard-to-read typeface could lead to disaster during long work shifts. Therefore, consult with user experience design experts when developing your system.


Security features will safeguard your company’s data. The data contains business information that your competitors would love to exploit. Security will also protect your company from liability. You do not want your customers’ financial data or workers’ personal records to be stolen.


Software will help you reach your production and financial goals in the oil drilling industry. Choose features that streamline and automate your workflow, and you will increase your profitability.