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Proven Mantras to Crack the Tough JEE Mains exam

Is qualifying the JEE Mains 2016 a very hard nut to crack? Well, this is an obvious question which must be going through every mind of individuals appearing for the exam.  So long you have been preparing for the exam and studying hard to become a rank holder but nobody knows what the end result would be. You need to put in your best efforts because a good rank will get you a seat in a top-notch engineering college and will also mean that you get your desired field whether mechanical, electrical or civil.

No Shortcut to Success

You need to prepare thoroughly and seriously. You cannot go for the selective studies, prepare a few important questions and expect to get a favourable rank and admission in the desirable institute. In short, there is no shortcut process to succeed in the exam. The preparation should begin well in advance and the last few weeks should always be dedicated towards solving the paper and consolidating the weaker portions. It is advisable to complete your jee mains syllabus at least a month before the main exam. Do not touch any new topic in the last few days. Focus on what you have studied.


Eliminating the Stress Factor

The last few days while going to the main exam is always a very stressful period. No matter how well your preparation is you feel the anxiousness as to what would come in the question paper. But do not let this tension or exam fever overrule your mind. You have seen jee mains 2015 question paper and the years previous to that and thus you can just make a guess work on important topics. However, if you have scored well in the mock tests as the JEE Mains 2016 Answer Key suggests, do not over confident which can turn the tide against you.

Scrutinizing the Question Paper Minutely

Before you can begin to solve the question paper it is a good idea to scrutinize each and every section of it. This means you have to see how many objective one word questions and how many multiple choice questions are there in each paper. The pattern of the paper more or less remains the same every year only the questions might change. The objective portion of paper should be methodically prepared as that is the most scoring part. The last three to four days before jee mains 2016 exam date should always be reserved for only revision.

Vitality of Time Management

Time management is one of the most crucial factors that should top your priority list when preparing for jee mains exam. Remember you have to complete the entire paper within the allotted time duration otherwise all your efforts and hard work will go futile. When you are solving the paper make sure you set a clock beside you and think as if you are giving the final exam. Once you have completed you can evaluate it and identify your mistakes. You can take the help of your tutor to clear your doubts regarding some topics and questions. The evaluation can also prove to jee mains rank predictor for better performance.

Refresh your mind with small breaks

Refreshing your mind and body is as important in preparation of the exam. You can meditate to improve your concentration power and listen to music.  It maximizes your productivity. Always remain updated with jee mains latest news and notification. Download jee mains admit card well in advance and reach the examination center in time.

Remain Positive

Always remain positive and prepare with a self motivation and confidence. Do check JEE Mains 2016 Answer Key to view much how you scored in each section. Never get diverted from your target.