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While dogs seems to have a firm hold on the title of man’s best friend, horses have long been thought of as a close contender. That much is certainly obvious to any horse lover, but perhaps what most people do not consider is that horses are very much something that should be insured. Some are direct sources of income, or at least provide a service that eventually leads to income, and since they also happen to be beloved and adored creatures, there are several reasons why a policy is needed for them. If you happen to be interested in horse insurance, then this is what you need to know:


You might think taking out a policy just provides you with a document that says the horse is insured, but there are in fact several services your insurance provider may offer to you. There might be recreational services that range from pony rides or pack horse services, to guides and outfitters or horse rentals. It is also possible they will offer therapeutic services that include horse massage and therapies, or therapeutic and disable riding.

Other Animals

Of course, a good provider of horse insurance will typically also offer policies on other animals. Much like the horses, the animals covered include ones that provide a service or create some form of revenue. This might include show dogs or breeding dogs, service dogs, cattle and livestock, or even exotic animals.


Obviously, the whole intention of horse insurance is to cover the animal in case of an emergency, but your foremost goal is to prevent such an emergency. That concern should also be felt by your insurance provider, and they should offer help with ensuring that animal’s safety. For example, go with the provider that offers you horse training instructions, and assists you with access to stables or any necessary equipment.

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