Preparation Tips for Class 10 Board Exams


Tension mounts within students as class 10 board examination approaches. Students may come across several suggestions and methods to perform well in board exams. Every study guide will suggest two important factors, time management and a study plan. Here are some of the study plans for class 10 board exams.

  • Start Early

Many students stay awake all night to study during preparation and end up sleeping in the morning. Instead set a timetable in advance so that you have enough time for revising the subject.

  • Proper Planning

Make a proper plan. Don’t just dive straight into it.

  • At a time create a schedule for one area of a subject

This way one can get a clear picture of a syllabus that they have completed. In the meantime, take into account how long each exercise may take. Taking a break of five to ten minutes for every hour is a good measure.

Preparation Strategies for Class 10 Maths and Science

  • Maths: It is important to maintain a separate sheet for formulas and concepts. Write down what exactly is given in the question paper and what you need to find. Once done with revision, start solving practice papers, previous years question papers and sample papers.

The question paper revolves around NCERT books and topics interpreted in them. Referring NCERT 9 maths solution will aid you to score well in science.

Class 10 Science (CBSE) comprises of three divisions – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students who are planning to opt for science stream in class 12 should pay attention to these 3 areas as it aids in strengthening their foundation.

Keep a track of experiments, derivations and formulae. Do not miss any of the science laboratory classes.


  • Chemistry: It consumes less time for preparation compared to other areas of science and it is a high scoring subject. Students can practice many organic reactions and even create a chart consisting of chemical formula that would help for last minute preparation.


  • Physics: Students should get a good grip on the basic concepts of the subject. Physics comprises of several questions that are based on direct formulas and theorems.


  • Biology: It is a subject that consists of lots of diagrams and it is advised to practice as much as diagrams you can. Write down terminologies that are difficult to memorise. Noting down the experimental procedure can help in last minute studies.

On the Day of Examination

Do not panic or pressurize yourself. Allocate last one hour before the exam to just relax. Do not think too much and do not discuss anything regarding the exams as it just adds up to your tension.

Lastly, stay confident. Your determination will aid you to ace the exam. To explore more on NCERT class 8th maths solution related concepts, subscribe to our Byju’s YouTube channel