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Play these games and bid adieu to boredom forever

Somewhere down the line you may find yourself left with nothing to do. You can choose to sleep, of course, to kill the time but again, it is always better to do something productive isn’t it? So, what are the options available in that case? In the modern world, when you have a ready-made companion in your coat pocket in the name of a mobile phone, is there anything more you need to look outside to kill your boredom? Absolutely not. When a smartphone can provide various gaming apps which can be played both online/offline, what more is needed? These games are not just meant for entertainment purpose but on the contrary they are skill-based ones that could polish one’s personality itself, like say for example, a Rummy game. Let us now see in detail a few of those games, playing which one can bid adieu to boredom.

Caribbean Admiral:

This is not a lengthy game, but it can engage you totally by not letting you get distracted even for a minute. It involves a lot of thought process to finish it off. It is another adventurous game where your ship squares off against your enemy ship. Prior to fighting your enemy, you need to buy some products at the lowest price possible before taking the same through a ship to another city. You may be making a lot of fortune if these products can be sold at a higher rate in the city where you land. With that, you will be able to either repair your ships or buy more powerful ships. Then as you sail, you will get to battle the pirates coming through another ship where both you and your enemy can obtain larger fleets. The cannon blasts add to the intensity of the game.

Dragon Fly:

As the name suggests, this game is all about a Dragonfly which needs your help to run away from its mother. It needs your help because being a baby dragonfly it cannot fly well. You can achieve this by using the slopes to ramp yourself into the air. It is a fast game which can be completed in just 15 minutes. So, you will be actively engaged in helping the dragon fly out throughout the lifespan of the game. The important thing is to maintain the speed in addition to hitting the slope at the right time. When you are able to do that consistently even multiple games can be completed under 15 minutes time. It is totally an addictive game, requiring quick hands and prompt brain work.

Word Trek:

This is a recent revelation in the world of mobile games. It can be played offline too with various levels in place. All you will find is a box of squares in the range of 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6, each one of them containing an alphabet. Your job is to form a word or multiple words out of the boxes by swiping the alphabets either straight (any direction) or diagonally (again any direction) or in any direction. Only rule is you need to connect the words by swiping the letters. Your clue will be the number of boxes given below for each word where the answers get filled up in case they are correct. If you are struggling for words indefinitely, nothing to worry as such because you can opt for a hint at a cost of 25 points which can give the starting letter of a particular word. Besides this, you get to spin a wheel and win points hence there is no need to worry about losing points for hints.

Online Rummy:

Although there are so many options existing to kill boredom, majority of the people in India love to play rummy online real money. This game is nothing but the same Rummy game which one plays typically during marriage functions in India. It has just been shifted online and since then, it has become a beloved stress buster for many people who find it convenient for killing boredom. The Rummy sites like RummyCircle, Ace2three are absolutely user friendly plus they provide many useful rummy tips via video tutorials to master the game. So, if you are bored, download a Rummy app and play Rummy online for cash.

The aforesaid list is just a handful of prominent games played widely. You can explore more and more such games which can bid adieu to your boredom permanently.