Planning a Trip to Houston for a Large Group

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There are always challenges when you are planning to travel with a large group. You need to think about where everyone will stay, how they will get around, and where you will eat. Small groups of four or five people can often figure these details out as they go, but a large group cannot always get exactly what they want last minute.


You will want to book your hotel before leaving home to ensure that everyone has a place to stay. Talk to everyone that is going to find out who wants to room with which people. You also want to get a feel for whether or not everyone wants their rooms near each other. Many hotels will offer a discounted group rate for large gatherings, and they will set aside a block of rooms just for you.


Whether you are heading to Houston for a wedding, a birthday, or a local attraction like the rodeo, you will need a way to get around. Ask if your hotel offers shuttle service to and from the airport. The charter bus service Houston has available includes Texas Bus Lines which can easily accommodate larger groups. If you plan to break apart into separate groups at any point during your stay, you may need to rent a few cars.


Most hotels offer complimentary or discounted breakfasts so this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Lunches are often grabbed on the go with each person selecting their own food, but dinners are different. Plan ahead and find out exactly how many meals the group plans to have all together. Make reservations at restaurants that can handle large groups such as Batanga or the Taste of Texas Restaurant.

By planning details before you leave home, your Houston trip with a large group will be a wonderful experience. Although you don’t want to eliminate spontaneity, a good base plan will keep things organized and worry free.