Perfect Your Indoor Space

There are few things as important and as underappreciated as your home’s indoor space. Take a look around it the next time you’re there and think about what you see. Is your space soothing? Fun? Does it make you happy? Maybe it does – or maybe it stresses you out! We see our indoor spaces every single day, and yet many of us don’t place much importance on what the space looks or feels like. We’re more likely to spend money on a shirt or top that we wear once a month or a new tech gadget we’ll use for a few weeks and then never touch again than we are to invest seriously in our indoor spaces. We’ll do the bare minimum – painting peeling walls, for instance, or refinishing scratched floors – but we won’t go above and beyond to perfect our space, even though it’s what surrounds us all of the time. It’s worth changing that and focusing anew on your home.

Care for and improve your space

The first step towards perfecting your space is to invest in the rooms themselves. Before you consider anything about the decor of the room, the layout and choice of the furniture, or the way your space is organized, look at the home itself: your walls, your ceilings, and your floors. No space will feel complete if its carpet is mildewed or ruined, so work with a flooring company to get your carpet, hardwood, or linoleum into tip-top shape. Make sure that the walls are painted and that the essential systems of your home (like your electrical and plumbing systems) are functioning well.

Decorations matter

The state of your walls and floors are important, but a room is really about what you fill it with. That means comfortable, functional, and beautiful furniture. It means art and mementos that matter to you. It means whatever you want it to mean, as long as it makes your space a joy to be in.

Your options for decor are nearly endless, but you can narrow down your options by picking up some books on interior design and looking for examples that inspire you. A wall of framed family photographs may make you feel comfortable or at home. A big acrylic art print may make your space seem more beautiful in your eyes. Whatever your style, embrace it: mix comfort and functionality in your furniture, and target beauty (whatever that means to you) in your art and decorations.

Organize your space

Nothing will stress you out faster than a cluttered and disorganized space. Your indoor space should be as functional as it is beautiful. Whether you need to cook or want to write a letter, the supplies you need should be at your fingertips. The extra time it takes to navigate and use a cluttered space can really add up – think about that little bit of extra time every day folding on itself year after year after year. You’re robbing yourself of time and of relaxation.

Stop doing that! Take a day or a week and reorganize your space. Invest in some books of organization or speak to a friend who always seems to have his or her space in good order. It’s not enough for your space to looks beautiful or sparse – it needs to be truly functional and suit your specific needs. You need to know where things are and to be able to reach then without too much effort or stress.