On The Benefits of Cat Ownership

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The bond between a cat and its human owner is a mysterious yet very strong one. The usual take on cats is that they are independent and frankly a little bit scornful of humans (and dogs). While cats are indeed very independent, and can go easily between living in a domestic situation to living outside in the wild, the truth is that they enjoy the love and support of their human owners. It’s been said that cats only purr in the presence of humans, which does suggest that cats have a special feeling for their masters.

Bonding With a Kitten

For many people, having a relationship with a cat is a very special and meaningful experience. Adopting a kitten or a full grown cat can give a lonely person a lot of unconditional love and companionship, which can be very healing, especially for someone who has suffered any kind of trauma. Adopting a little cat does come with a lot of responsibility, however, which is why it’s important for a cat owner to care for their feline with tender loving care.

Cat Care

Cats need to live in a stable home environment that offers a degree of predictability. Cats generally like to stake out their own home territory, and they don’t like to be moved or to go on trips outside their home, so unless they need to visit the doctor at veterinary clinics vancouver wa, they should just stay put.

Most cats naturally are able to use a litter box, which makes cat ownership easier than owning a dog. Cats do need to be treated for fleas if they go outside, but in general they are good at grooming and themselves. Owners who live on a busy street should think about keeping their cats inside and safe from cars. They should also have a relationship with a good veterinarian who can help the animal stay healthy.

Yes, adopting a cat is a big responsibility, but it’s one that brings a lot of love and warm cuddling to the person who bonds with their feline.