Nintendo Switch OS and UI Revealed After Console Ships Early

Nintendo Switch OS and UI Revealed After Console Ships Early

The Nintendo Switch release date is March 3. However it seems that a retailer in the US has shipped the console early to at least one lucky customer who detailed on popular gaming forum NeoGAF what to expect when it officially available.

Setting up the console appears familiar to anyone who has used a Wii or Wii U as does its OS and UI, complete with the white colour scheme and fonts that punctuated the aforementioned consoles.

What’s interesting is that despite the 32GB of internal memory, the Nintendo Switch only has 25.9GB. Keep in mind that this is with the initial firmware and may be subject to change.

“I will grab some video of the menu. I have been afraid to take it online in fear of getting the store that shipped it early in trouble with Nintendo,” the member claimed.

With members of the press receiving their Nintendo Switch units this week, it’s just a matter of time before every sliver of information is made public. And while Microsoft and Sony have iterated on the UI of the Xbox One and PS4 respectively (in addition to hardware iterations), will Nintendo do the same? Considering the speculation around a more powerful Switch in the future, we won’t be surprised to see a UI refresh too.