Medical attention for injury

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Slip and fall accidents may seem fairly minor, but they can result in serious and costly injuries. In some cases, a lawsuit might be necessary to cover your medical bills and any wages that may be lost. However, there are still some things you should be doing before you start contacting local injury attorneys.

Get Medical Attention

Although most injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents are minor, injuries such as broken bones and head trauma can happen. Seek medical attention as soon as possible for your own well-being and to receive any documentation you may need should you decide to file a lawsuit.

Find the Reason for Your Fall

Most slip and fall accidents don’t just happen to able-bodied people for no reason; they are usually caused by some environmental hazard such as an icy sidewalk, uneven concrete, or a spill on a tile floor. Inspect the area to find out exactly why you fell. Take photos as documentation as soon after your fall as possible.

Follow Procedures

If your fall happened in a store or some other place of business, immediately inform an employee about what happened. They should have their own procedures that need to be followed in these situations.

Identify Witnesses

If there was anybody on hand to witness your fall, speak to them to get their account of the incident. Get their names in case you need to contact them again for their testimony.

Speak to An Attorney

Once you’ve received the proper medical attention and identified the reason for your fall, you can then start contacting an attorney who specializes in personal injuries. Present any documentation that you’ve acquired such as photos of the injury site, medical bills, and a copy of the incident report if it happened in a place of business. Hopefully, your injuries will be minor enough that things won’t have to go to court, but you should still contact an attorney if only to have all of your bases covered.