Tips for Maintaining your Interlock Driveway, Walkway or Patio

Interlocking pavers are often used as a type of flooring for your driveway, walkway, or any other outside space. These interlocked pavers simulate the look and feel of a cobblestoned pathway, giving your house a unique aesthetic. Interlocking driveways, therefore, look elegant for your home, and increase the curb appeal – thereby increasing the market value of your home, should you ever consider to sell your home in the future. However, interlocking pavers do need to be maintained. If left alone, weeds will start to grow between the pavers, compromising the strength of the paving stones, making it susceptible to further damage.

Therefore, maintaining your interlocking pavers becomes a necessity. The first step is to power wash the interlocking stones, by using a strong garden hose, or a basic power washer. Using a power washer should be sufficient to get rid of clumps of dirt and debris in between the stones and can wash away any stains on the surface. Once the paving stones have been washed, it allows for more space for sand to act as a filler, thereby providing stability for the paving stones.
After washing the stones, do not forget to pour polymeric sand onto the pavers, and sweep the sand with a broom. This will ensure that equal amounts of sand is distributed throughout the surface, and will fall into the spaces, thereby filling the gaps.
The next step is to mist the pavers with a slight amount of water, allowing the polymeric sand to settle and keep the stones in place. This maintenance routine need be done once every few months, to ensure that the structural integrity of the paving stones is maintained.
When looking for specific materials, keep in mind that polymeric sand is water activated, and is made up of a mixture of graded and binder sand. Once this type of sand is activated – by using water – the sand forms a strong, yet flexile bond. By having this type of sand keeping the paving stones together, there is less erosion of the stone caused by harsh weather conditions, along with other damages – like heavy foot traffic or unwanted weed growth.
Make sure that there is not too much space between each interlocking paver; the larger the spaces, the greater the chances for the sand to get washed away.

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