Industrial wiping rags

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Turning a throw away item into a useful product.

One of the keys to a successful business is to make the connection between the manufacturer and supplier to the end user. Good dealers can locate the users who need a particular product or service and find ready, willing and able manufacturers to meet the supply.

Wiping products are needed to clean spills, excess liquids, dirt and grime in a number of industries. In the oil, gas and car repair industries, wiping products with high absorbency ability are needed to collect pools of petroleum and grease. In the janitorial building construction industries, soft products with less abrasion are needed to prevent scratches in finished products. In the painting industry, both attributes are necessary, as well as the ability to absorb harsh or toxic chemicals. Many products such as cotton tee shirts and towels can fill this need, if a supply was available.

Fortunately, there are firms who specialize in locating janitorial cleaning rags for these industries. The product may be manufacturer overruns, factory seconds, or a large supply of used product that can be reused for cleaning purposes. Cotton shirts, terry cloth towels, used clothing and other textile products are available on at wholesale bulk prices.

Reclaiming these products for reuse also has a positive effect on the environment. Most man made fibers do not decompose and take up space in a landfill. Rather than burying them, they can be used again in a different application. One firm estimates it has reduced landfill space by 150,000 tons in just over 20 years. That is the weight of a modern aircraft carrier. Reclaiming products not only saves money, it saves valuable natural resources.

No matter how good the idea may be, logistics remains the key to success. The dealer must have a reliable supply chain of product to ensure the customer needs are met. Firms who have built long relationships with suppliers are more likely to have the right product on hand for quick delivery. Those firms with a proven track record are a good place to start when evaluating a dealer.