How to Pick a Proper Blender for Restaurant Drinks

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If you’re going to invest in blending equipment for commercial restaurant beverages, several important things must be considered during the buying phase. By following a few easy steps, you’ll pick practical gadgets that will benefit your employees and consumers.

Select an Ideal Blender Design

Modern blender manufacturers design different products that can be used during specific situations. The most common options are immersion, counter top, bullet, and high performance blenders. If you run a restaurant that provides appetizers and drinks, an immersion blender is a practical choice. This product is a convenient tool for soups, icy drinks, and other soft food items. Traditional counter top blenders are also suitable appliances for fruit drinks. Because these gadgets are built with a strong motor, the process of blending powders in order to make a protein shack isn’t a hassle. If you run a busy restaurant that has a main dining area and a patio, a bullet product is worth considering. Since a bullet blender is portable, employees can easily make drinks with ease for guests, which is beneficial because rapid services keep drinks ice cold. In professional restaurant environments, high performance blenders can provide consistent results, as these units have commercial-grade motors. The hardware that powers a general high-performance motor helps the blender pieces effectively blend the toughest ingredients.

Important Mechanical Features

When picking a blender for drinks, always consider the technical specs. This information is important, as it can impact the number for customers that you’ll be able to serve in your restaurant. In many cases, traditional blenders can help you make drinks for nearly four guests. In order to prepare drinks for more guests quicker and efficiently, you’ll need multiple traditional blenders or several commercial-grade blending appliances. If you’re going to serve a large crowd, a professional product will increase your success, as high-performance blender designers always include practical tools and accessories for general blending routines.

Although beverages can attract many customers, other appliances may be needed so that you can serve snacks with the drinks. A ribbon blender is a popular tool for industrial environments because the spinning mechanisms can combine items effectively and efficiently.