How To Maintain Your Commercial Kitchen

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Owning and operating a commercial kitchen can involve a lot of different aspects from finding the right employees to keeping your appliances up and running. The more you can maintain your equipment, the safer your kitchen will be for employees and customers alike. You can sometimes even get a discount on insurance plans by having the right maintenance and safety plans.


One of the best ways to maintain your kitchen appliances on your own is through regular and thorough cleaning. This usually looks like wiping everything down with approved cleaners every night and performing a deep clean on specific units every week or so. You can usually get a list of needed maintenance from commercial kitchen appliances Florida companies as well as maintenance plans from them for a reasonable cost. Maintaining your appliances on a regular basis means having less harmful buildup, less of a fire hazard and even fewer repair and replacement costs.


Maintaining your supplies has as much to do with how well you maintain your appliances as it does with how often you order and rotate supplies. Your industrial refrigerator needs to be properly maintained to keep your food supplies good for longer and your cleaning supplies stock will need to be maintained to properly clean your equipment. It is a good idea to make sure that you have all of the cleaning and maintenance supplies that you need on hand and that you are cycling through them properly. You can usually find a list of recommended supplies online as well as expiration dates and rotation schedules.

The better you maintain your equipment, the fewer repairs you are likely to make and the less of a safety hazard those appliances can become. This can get you insurance discounts, increased business and even an easier time retaining employees. Keeping your kitchen and appliances clean and maintained is one of the most important things you can do as a restaurant owner.