How to Feel Safe In a High-Crime Neighborhood

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Living in a neighborhood that has higher rates of crime than normal can be anxiety inducing. However, it’s fairly easy to feel safe with the proper safety precautions. Even high-crime neighborhoods can be relatively safe to live in, especially for law-abiding citizens. People who live in these neighborhoods must always be aware of their surroundings, and certain items and training may give the residents the peace and confidence that they need to feel safe.

Always Lock the Doors

Keeping doors locked is very important. The doors to the home, the vehicle, and any shed or workshop should be locked at all times. This will significantly reduce the risk of burglary, as it makes it far more difficult for a perpetrator to get to anything of value.

Never Leave Valuable Items Outdoors or In Cars

When valuable items are left outside or inside of a car, they are much easier targets than when they are locked away inside. Car windows may be broken in order to access visible phones, wallets, cash, GPS systems, and much more. For larger items that cannot be stored inside a building, such as grills, try chaining them to deter theft.

Safety Gear

It is always comforting to have important self defense gear in the home, no matter what type of neighborhood an individual lives in. Pepper spray, a wooden bat, and flashlights are some of the most commonly stored items for safety. A bulletproof shield for home defense adds an extra layer of comfort and security, especially for those who have been victims in burglaries.

Always Use Lighting & Alarm Systems

The outside of the home, other buildings on the property, and vehicles should be well lit. Perpetrators cannot hide in the cover of darkness with bright lighting surrounding them, which deters them. Lights should be kept on indoors at each entryway, as well. Alarm systems, whether it be as simple as a dog or as complex as a property-wide motion triggered system, should be used.

Staying safe in a neighborhood requires being aware and attentive. Those who are always prepared will feel much more confident, allowing them to continue on with their lives without fear.