How to Choose a Great Dentist

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Whether you’re overdue for a cleaning or you can’t stand that toothache one moment more, at some point you’ll have to find a dentist that works for you. Here are three elements that you should include in your search for a new dentist.


When it comes to any medical professional, you definitely want to make sure that anyone who gets close to your oral care is properly trained and certified. Research potential dentists, looking for accolades such as oral conscious sedation certification or board certification through the American Board of General Dentistry.


Poor oral health is avoidable and unnecessary, even for those that think of the dentist’s office with dread. To make it easier for you to find a dentist that works for you, look at reviews of their previous patients. The more good scores, the more likely that you will also enjoy or at least tolerate your experience in the chair that much more. While bad reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, look for potential truths such as office inefficiency or inconsistencies in care to determine whether the dentist in question should be crossed of your list of potentials.


One of the best motivations to return for your semi-annual cleaning or to reach out to your dentist in times of toothache is choosing a dentist whose personality you match well with. Whether you prefer a cheerful, talkative dentist or a more reserved professional, selecting someone who you are comfortable trusting with your oral care is a definite must.

However you find your new dentist, asking questions and getting a feel for what kind of service they provide will help you feel more comfortable in trusting them with your oral care. With an appreciation for what makes a dentist great, you may even find yourself skipping over providers that wouldn’t work as well for you.

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