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So, you have been using computer for quite a long now! No wonder the extravagant number of hard drives that you might have installed in your computer – all of varying storages. Well, here are some few tips that will excellent serve the purpose of putting those external ssd hard drive to use. Read on to know more!

1) Turn your old hard drives into external ones

Well, this is pretty easy. Simply put them in an USB enclosure and there you are! – All set and ready for the external storage facility. This trick comes in quite handy when you want to upgrade your existing external drives. All you would need to do is to simply swap out the case and replace the drive the drive in it with the one that is lying around.

2) Go Cloning

Backing up data is quite essential when you absolutely cannot afford any potential data loss. Cloning you hard drive using an external hard drive would be one favorable option. Although this requires a significant amount of manual work, it is the next best option against drive failure. At least, you can have the drive up and running again in minutes, instead of installing the operating system once again and then transferring the whole content/

3) External drive’s controller for peripheral device connection

External drive are built with a controller that specifically converts SATA and IDE connections to that of USB. Simply sift through some old IDE optical drive, loosen out the circuit board from the enclosure and connect it the computer via USB.

4) USB Drive to run XBMC

Instead of the full hands on XBMC computer, one can also put the XBMC to run live from a USB drive. Thereafter, it can be connected easily to other computers for further functionalities alike. Although a USB thumb drive is preferable, it actually pays to have a larger and external hard drive to store all your pick bits rather than waste the useful space on your computer.

5) Make a scratch disk

All the temporary data and scrap files of Photoshop, Gimp, etc. run out the RAM. The situation becomes quite critical when working on large projects because the files tend to grow indefinitely in size. Using an external hard drive can lessen the load on the internal drive, provide segmented read and write operations, thus helping in better rendering of the output. The file export system, thus becomes quicker and storing of the files also becomes much easier.

6) Port your gaming arena

Gaming nowadays has gone bulky and irresistibly space consuming. This can dampen the system with limited internal storage. One good option would be to have them installed on an external hard drive. Since they are fully playable without the need for an extra storage on the internal drives, it serves quite a good feasibility. Load times might be a bit slow, but all the extra space makes the experience totally worth the effort induced.

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