General Parts of a Washer

A washer has multiple parts that work together during a regular wash cycle. These components are typically included with many residential and commercial units.

Water Pump

The water pump is usually attached to the bottom of a washing machine. This part has an important task, which is to pump water into the washing chamber. A basic pump is designed with ports for two hoses, and each hose is typically secured in place with a clip or a spring. Following many wash cycles, a water pump should be inspected because the hoses could leak water.

Water Inlet Control Valve

All washers have settings for hot and cold washing cycles, and an inlet control valve manages both water settings. This valve can develop operational problems that can impact how quickly water fills a washer chamber during a hot or cold wash cycle. In most cases, when water enters a chamber slowly something is restricting water flow. Water inlet valves for residential and commercial washers are easy to replace as the hardware consists of basic fasteners.


A washer drum spins during various points throughout a wash cycle. The size of a drum varies depending on a unit’s maximum capacity. On a standard drum, there are various paddles, many air pockets, and a rubbing lining.


An agitator is a device that’s mounted in the center of a washer. It usually has several vanes and multiple fins. Throughout a washing routine, the agitator turns and twists to create suds in a washer’s chamber. All agitators operate fast in order to build up momentum, and the rapid twisting loosens dirt on soiled items.

These are just a few of the components that make up a washer. Upgraded materials are used to build Speed Queen washer parts because this brand is known for its long-lasting hardware.