Four Benefits of Plush Dog Toys

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It is no secret that dogs love to play with their toys. Their toys are as important to them as their food, water and treats. If you are about to bring home your first dog, you can make them feel comfortable by surprising them with several toys. Here are four benefits of buying plush toys for your dog.

Provides Companionship

Your dog may feel lonely when you are at work or running errands. A plush toy is perfect for keeping them company when you are not home. The right toy becomes a source of snuggling and playing for your dog, and you may find them carrying their plush toy around the house. The toy may even come along for the ride when you are going to the veterinarian, dog park or pet-friendly store. It is important to choose a plush toy that can withstand the wear and tear that comes with owning a dog.

Soothes Anxiety

It is not uncommon for your dog to suffer from anxiety, but there is something about a plush toy that can bring them a lot of comfort. A plush toy becomes their new friend when they are dealing with separation anxiety, or it gives them something to snuggle with if a storm is making them nervous. It is amazing how a plush animal or bone can make your dog feel comfortable when they are upset.

Provides Exercise

You need to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise to maintain their good health, and they probably get their exercise from walks and playtime with you. A plush toy can help them increase the amount of exercise they get each day. Your dog has their own way of playing with their plush toy. They may use their mouth to swing or toss the toy around the room, or they may run around the house with the toy in their mouth. Use the plush toy to provide your dog with exercise when your schedule becomes hectic.

Cures Boredom

Your dog can get just as bored as you or your child, so you need to provide them with a source of entertainment. The lack of stimulation makes your dog become restless. A plush toy does more than just provide a companion and comfort when they are lonely or anxious. It keeps your dog occupied when you cannot be there to provide the entertainment. Image how happy your dog is going to be when they are playing with their plush toy. You can add more stimulation by choosing a plush toy with a crinkle or squeaker.

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All the plush toys are soft enough to create a safe play environment for your dog, and they come in several sizes to fit their needs. It is best to choose a durable toy that is not small enough to be a choking hazard. There is always a chance your dog may play too rough with their toy. The good news is you can find replacement squeakers to fix their plush toy if it becomes damaged.

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