Five Areas to Highlight in a Home for Sale

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Creating photos, lively descriptions and video tours are all important when you’re trying to sell your home. The purpose of these selling tools is to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. There are some areas of a home most buyers focus on when evaluating property they have interest in. Look at five areas within a home that should receive special attention when creating photos or video.

An Eating Area in the Kitchen

If your kitchen has a breakfast nook, highlight it in your photos or video. A breakfast nook is a comfortable, pleasant place where family can gather to eat, read the newspaper or otherwise visit. This is an attractive feature especially for busy families who would like an inviting place where they can spend more time talking and spend time with one another.

A Patio

A patio is another place to highlight in your photos or video. It is a gathering place that is likely to catch the attention of buyers who enjoy throwing parties and spending a lot of time outside during the warm weather months. A patio with space for a table and chairs, potted plants, flower baskets, a barbecue, or even an outdoor kitchen should be one of the first areas potential buyers get to see.

The Front Entranceway

Photos or video of an appealing front entranceway to a home can really get a potential buyer’s imagination going. A buyer is going to envision him or herself walking into that entranceway each day after an exhausting day at work. Is the entranceway decorated in warm colors with plenty of natural light pouring in? This is definitely an area to highlight in a collection of photos or a video. A seller who needs guidance on how to set up a front entranceway as well as other areas of a home to look their best may want to seek the advice of a luxury home marketing specialist.

The Master Bathroom

The master bathroom in a home is a place that deserves a lot of attention in photos and video. An elaborate shower, a sauna, colorful new tile, soft lighting and more can prompt buyers to imagine themselves enjoying a relaxing bath or shower there.

The Most Unique Spot or Feature in Your Home

Every home has a unique spot or feature that makes it even more special. It may be a small fish pond with several koi featuring an attractive border of ferns. Or, perhaps it’s an old-fashioned dumbwaiter in the dining room. Maybe there is a landing on the staircase featuring an oval window of stained glass. Sometimes it’s these unique spots or features that can be the deciding factor in a person’s decision to buy a home. In short, these spots or features can make your home standout in a buyer’s mind.

Highlighting these areas in your photos and video serves to capture the attention of potential buyers right away. After all, some buyers look at dozens of houses either online or in-person in the course of a week. You want yours to take front and center in their minds.