Exploring the Scope after MBA in Marketing

Companies today are becoming more aggressive when it comes to marketing their products. Apart from innovation, promotion is another important and the challenging way to make the company stand out in the crowd. Every organization has a separate marketing team that handles the entire sales of the brand and promotion of the same. Implementing unique and aggressive marketing strategy is to induce customers to buy their product and stay for the long term. Companies are becoming careful when it comes to hiring professional brand marketers backed by skills and certifications. Here the role of MBA in Marketing comes to the play.

MBA has become a common name in the education industry, and graduates in their respective field consider taking up the business management course to uplift their resume and career. A candidate with an MBA certificate can land up into a higher-package job and earn other perks.  MBA colleges in Delhi NCR   and other cities are offering quality courses in marketing, the certificate of which can direct secured professional scope.

Job Profiles after MBA in Marketing:

Earning an MBA certificate in marketing can get you into various job profiles. These profiles aren’t restricted to brand promotion, but to create value in the market for the brand. We bring you with the list of career options giving a better scope after MBA in marketing:

Brand Manager:

Considered as one of the reputed and highly prestigious job profiles, the work of a brand manager involves increasing the market share and take the call on the kind of advertising and promotion need to be done. The role includes segmenting customers according to the group, demographic and behavioural studies. The ultimate aim is to create a brand identity in the cluttered market.

Senior Analyst/Research Manager:

Companies today have their marketing research departments that work on analysing and promoting the product. Marketing research work involves a lot of number crunching and interpreting the result. It also involves finding out the data, that enables companies to predict behaviour to identify trends and prepare the marketing strategies. An MBA individual may be hired to fill the post of senior analyst or research manager.

Sales Manager:

MBA aspirants during the course duration are trained to understand how sales managerial post works and its demand. However, the responsibilities entirely depend on the sector. Sales managers are given certain territory under which they need to work upon and distribute the product.

Business Development Manager:

The role of the business development manager is to improve the market position of the brand and achieve a good financial return for the long term. The internal team or the marketing staff working under the business development manager is assigned to create sales opportunities and maximize the revenue. The best MBA University in Delhi and other states or city train aspirants to become a prominent business development manager.

Product Marketing Manager:

The role of the product marketing manager is to ensure branding of the product to get a profitable return and the growth of the product line. They are responsible to oversee the divisions of the product in the market. After completing few years and handling products successful, the product marketing manager may be promoted to a higher position with a handsome package.


MBA in marketing is a step towards the dynamic world of business where there is a tough competition among different companies to promote their brand. So a marketing manager has to think a step ahead to get a positive long term return.