Do you need a window replacement?

The windows of one’s house or office are an expression of their personality. They are chosen carefully keeping in mind the overall mood of the house, the view and the utility. They can make or break the look of your house. However, because they are in a position which is both inside and outside the house, they are more susceptible to scratches, broken seals, broken glass or other kinds of damage. At this point one has to choose between repairing and replacing the windows. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. And since windows are an expensive item usually costing hundreds of dollars apiece, it is important to know when a unit needs to be swapped for a new one and when it can just be restored.

A new installation will mean lower maintenance costs, easier cleaning, fewer drafts, energy savings and smoother operation as compared to a repair. Moreover, it may also help in tax savings, better aesthetics that is a prettier home that one can enjoy. However, a new installation will also be quite expensive as compared to a repair.

When one resorts to repairing old structures, it is not a hassle free process. They can be costly and annoying to work with, with the hard to open and close locks and frames, stripping and painting every couple of years as well as other snags like cleaning difficulties, broken seals, condensation and increased energy costs.

The main factor that will decide whether the home windows need a replacement will be considering whether the current ones are worth the hassle of saving. Most units, with a few exceptions, can be easily repaired, revamped and retooled to their perfect condition but that doesn’t come without costs. New hardware and trim installation and also the continued maintenance can be costly as well beleaguering.

Some common issues that can help you decipher whether to replace or repair your windows are listed below:

1. Rotted Wood

Rotting starts form one point and quickly spreads across the window panels which require immediate action as it is difficult to stop and will require replacement of all wood. It is a cumbersome job and can be difficult and a case where new installation is best.

2. Cloudy Glass

In double-paned glass windows, the area between the glasses can become foggy and mucky making visibility difficult. This is can only be solved with a new installation. The repairment will be just as expensive as a new installation and hence again a new installation would be recommended.

3. Sagging Casements

Sagging casements can generally be repaired and mechanisms which are outdated can be changed. But broken hinges are quite difficult to find and even when the right ones are found, they are not enough to fix the problem. In this case too, a full changeover is a better option.

4. Broken Hardware

If some original hardware has broken or becomes obsolete despite the window being in good shape, then most likely the issue will be repaired. However, the same new hardware can be hard to find to fit to the given specifications but can still find it by referring to them model number of the window or by contacting the manufacturer.

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