Cyware – An advanced app for advanced cyber security

Gone are the days when an ordinary virus was the main concern. Things have changed, and we must change along with them! In earlier days, implementing strong networks and systems, and securing devices with antivirus was enough to keep cyber criminals at bay. Now, no matter how strong networks are, cyber criminals are finding ways to breach the systems – and it is through us! Hackers are adopting tricks and techniques like phishing, fake voice calling etc., to dupe users into downloading malware, ransomware and other deadly Trojans onto their devices. Users must understand that security protocols are in place for our own safety and betterment. Most of us get irritated in waiting for OTP (One Time Password) and entering it while making payments online. We do not want to remember different passwords for different accounts; so we use the same simple password for every account. And since we do not want to waste time on system scanning, we connect external devices to our systems without verifying them first. All of the above give cyber criminals a chance to steal our money. Cyber security and cyber hygiene are not easy to follow. However, you need not spend huge amounts of time, effort and money over it. You can simply download Cyware.

Cyware is a cyber security news app designed specifically to encourage end users to be cyber aware. Cyber awareness is being informative about what is happening across the cyber security world – like new malware attacks, new cyber attack techniques implemented by cyber criminals – and knowing how to tackle them. To make this possible, Cyware presents latest news and updates in a summarized fashion, allowing you to gain knowledge in a short span of time. The app – which is available in both Android and iOS platform – also provides suggestions and tips on how to safeguard your smartphones, laptops, social media accounts and netbanking platforms from hackers.

Analysis has reported that organizations face more danger from internal threats and insider threats, than external threat. Which means, consumers and employees are more dangerous in companies, than vulnerabilities in their systems. Unless people start implementing cyber awareness and stringent cyber security measures, the endpoints won’t be secure. To improve cyber defenses, organizations should focus on removing vulnerabilities from both individuals and the devices. To overcome this problem, companies must pay attention in making their employees and customers more cyber aware. No matter what your profession is, or how much you use the internet; you can be a potential target for cyber criminals. Download the Cyware app and start following it to stay ahead of cyber criminals and keep yourself secure from cyber attacks, data breaches and other cyber threats.