Complete Dentures Vs Partial Dentures – What You Need to Know

A good smile is incomplete without a set of well structured, strong and healthy teeth. But, unfortunately, tooth decay and injury can lead to missing and/or broken teeth.

When one’s tooth is fractured or goes missing, smiling becomes an extremely embarrassing experience. Nonetheless dentists employ dentures and end up giving patients a more confident smile. Not only this, dentures can help maintain oral hygiene and dental health. This article, dedicated to dentures, will aim to answer any questions you have had on the subject.

Dentures basically serve the purpose of replacing lost teeth and as a result, they are referred to as false teeth. They are prosthetic devices used by professionals for the sake of restoring a patient’s dental structure. Consequently, the patient’s overall oral cavity is enhanced. Dentures are essentially of two types: full dentures or partial dentures. We will now try to differentiate one from the other.

If a denture is partial, it partially (as the very name evidently suggests) fills in the gaps left by one or more missing teeth whereas full dentures are artificial teeth that replace missing teeth from either one of the two jaws. The latter dentures are more difficult than the former. They are complicated to install as well since they are very much unlike partial dentures, they are not able to hold on to anything. Down below, I will tell you why you are bound to benefit from dentures – both partial as well as complete.

Benefits of Complete and Partial Dentures

  1. Dentures assist and aid in the restoration of the normal functioning of teeth. The new set of teeth looks and feels much better and so, dentures are more often natural looking than not.
  2. Dentures are not uncomfortable (if you have been thinking so). With changing times and advanced dental technology, new materials have been introduced to make new as well as improved set of dentures.
  3. Dentures undoubtedly improve the way a patient looks. He or she will look younger than before. Point is, when a person looses a tooth, he or she might end up looking old. But with the help of dentures, you will gain shaper and more defined cheek bones.
  4. On opting for dentures, you will have an improved ability to both chew and bite food. A broken or a missing tooth will pave the way for you to change your eating habits drastically. You will eat less because you will feel that the whole process is an ordeal. Who would have thought that eating can become hectic and draining? But let me tell you what you will be happy to know. You can easily go back to your old eating habits once you have got either full or partial dentures.
  5. If you are wondering whether dentures can be removed, I got some news. Dentures can be removed for the purpose of proper cleaning and brushing. So if you have a missing tooth, get dentures and an improved oral hygiene.