Ceiling Light Fixtures: Choosing the Right Designs

If you are looking for light fixtures, you will never have to worry about having variety. There are options available according to the required functionality as well aesthetic appeal of the room that the fixture is to be placed in. Types of fixtures range from the usual tube lights to more elaborate designed ones. These are each available in different sizes and shapes. Listed below are a few tips you can use to find the perfect match for you. First, let’s look at the different types of ceiling lights that are available-

  1. Pendant lights: pendant lights are one of the smallest variations of lights available in the market. They are usually used to brightly illuminate one part of a room or a particular object in the room. The most common places these lights are used are in kitchens and in studies, to light up the work table. These lights usually hang by a thin chain from the ceiling
  2. Chandeliers: chandeliers are probably the oldest, most classical type of lighting fixture. They are used in large halls and rooms to cast light over large areas and can be made from any number of materials ranging from wood to wrought iron and glass. Each chandelier can have multiple bulbs hanging from it and can be in different shapes and colours.
  3. Recessed lights: recessed lights are perfect for your living room or the den- both areas where you might want to give your room a soft, warm, comforting look. This type of light is fitted directly into the ceiling and does not protrude outside. Another place where they are commonly used is the bed room. You can use either white or yellow light according to how intense you want the light to be. The biggest disadvantage of this type of light is that it is very hard to clean because of how inaccessible it is.
  4. Fluorescent lights: fluorescent lights are most popularly used in rooms that need to be bright and well illuminated. For example, fluorescent lights will be usually present in workplace cubicles, laundry rooms, and basement car parks. The most common type of fluorescent lights are ones that are shaped like a rectangle with a tubular light inside.
  5. Down lights: down lights are similar to pendant lights. The main function of this type of light is to illuminate one particular part of the room or an object in the room.
  6. Lighted ceiling fans: this structure comprises of two parts- a four or five blade fan that works like any other, and small lights attached in the middle of the blades. This fixture is usually picked for rooms that require an aesthetic, classical finish. The look of this can be altered as well to suit any time of room. A disadvantage of this light fixture however is that it gathers a lot of dust and can be extremely difficult to clean. Additionally, as it grows older, it can also become extremely noisy.

Bear in mind that the amount of light in a room has a huge effect on how activity is carried out in there as well as how the mood and comfort of individuals in that room are affected.