Choose the Perfect Flooring for your House

The flooring of your house is a major factor in lending a unique ambience to your room. It is just as important as the paints you chose carefully for the walls and the upholstery that make the decor. Your flooring will be determined by the decor you want, your lifestyle, budget and usage. Below are some tips for choosing the perfect wood flooring for your house, whether you are renovating, or changing an existing one.

The most important factor in choosing a flooring is your lifestyle- how you live and use your flooring. If there are kids or pets in the family who are very active then you would need more resilient floorings such as wood flooring, ceramic tiles or vinyl rather than plush carpets. You may enjoy carpets or rugs over wooden flooring in the house if traffic is minimal. There are many options to choose from within resilient floorings and carpeting.

Different kinds of floorings can be used throughout the house. For instance- ceramic tiles in the bathroom, carpet in the drawing room and wooden flooring elsewhere. The entryway of your house should be durable but also good to look at- such as slate, tile or wood. The usage of entry mats will help in removing outside moisture. Bedrooms could have floorings which are more comfortable for bare feet like carpets. While areas of high moisture such as washrooms or outdoors should not have hardwood or laminate wood floorings as they can easily be damaged.

The cost of flooring is determined per square foot. Different materials have grades of quality. While wood and laminate flooring have become cheaper over the years, tiles remain expensive. Ceramic, slate and marble tiles are also low-maintenance and don’ need replacing unless there are cracks. Carpeting cost depends on the quality- Berber is more expensive than synthetic. Do consider the carpet pads, as they are an important factor for comfort and longevity of the carpet.

These days it has become imperative to consider the impact of our choices on the environment. Nowadays many options are available that don’t just look great but are also good for the environment. Flooring such as recycled glass tiles, bamboo wood or cork flooring are becoming popular all of which also have unique properties; cork flooring is great for sound absorption! Exposed concrete or stained concrete flooring could be considered if your home style is ore industrial or a loft.

Alliance Floor Source is a family owned flooring company that has been proudly serving both residential and commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area over the past 35 years. They offer a wide array of flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, cork, luxury vinyl tile or plank, carpet (broadloom) and carpet tile as well as area rugs.