Positives and Negatives of Chain Link Fencing

There are several types of fences that are available to safeguard your house of which, the chain link fence is one. In addition to being an extremely popular option for different areas ranging from homes to manufacturing facilities as well as children’s parks and sports fields, this is an extremely cost effective type of fencing. Since its inception, there have been several changes made to the traditional chain link fence in terms of its physical appearance, the quality as well as how long it lasts. Listed below are the positives and negative of chain link fencing-


  1. Cost effective and affordable- being one of the cheapest options in the market, the chain link fence is an affordable option for everyone and especially those who need fencing done in bulk. In addition to reducing the amount of money spent, it is also extremely easy for the buyer himself to fit the fence in. If this seems like too much of an effort, a professional can be called in who will set up the fence properly at an affordable rate.
  2. Minimal maintenance- as has been mentioned, the chain link fence is extremely easy to install. Additionally because of the material used to make it, it is also quite withstanding of different environmental conditions and needs very little maintenance during its long life. You can have your chain link fence go through a chemical process known as galvanisation which will protect it from rusting and continued exposure to harsh elements like extreme heat, snow, or rain. This process will ensure that your fence lasts longer and will save you money that you would otherwise have to spend on repairs
  3. Safety- one of the biggest advantages of a chain link fence is that it can provide you a visual of small children or pets while they are being protected within a boundary. This type of fence can especially be used in play pens in backyards or gardens
  4. Appearance- while the most common chain link fence is grey coloured, you can opt for more colourful options using vinyl coated fences. For an even more aesthetic look, you can go in for wooden railings and posts as a part of your fence


  1. Security- while this fence is largely favoured for its aesthetic appearance, it cannot really be used for practical security purposes such as guarding a residential house from intruders. Because of its short height of only 4 feet or so, it can easily be climbed over. However, if you are in favour of using this fence you can couple it with some barbed wire and a taller fence below it but this may ruin the aesthetic of your surrounding
  2. Privacy- while the openness of the fence allowing you to watch over children and pets may be seen as an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage if it being used to fence your property as people will be able to freely look into your property at any time. A way you can combat this is by installing blinds between your fences but, this could turn out to be expensive

All in all, the chain link fence is a trustworthy and affordable type of fencing that has more advantage than disadvantages.