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Benefits of Using LED Signs

LED signs for notifications, route, and next stop benefit the transit industry in a big way. Transign is a provider of high-quality, durable destination transit signs.

Easy Travel

Both transit companies and passengers have much to gain from the installation of  LED transit signs. Transit signs display valuable information like bus number, travel routes, next stops which help passengers save time searching for the right information. And ‘public transit’ or ‘public transportation’ companies can expand their customer base as they disseminate reliable information to their commuters.


Eliminates Stress for Passengers

There is so much relief for passengers when real time transit information is available in the event of a traffic congestion or traffic rush. Displaying accurate information then will help passengers get proper information and eliminate any confusion with regard to their journey. Bus numbers and driving routes ahead of  time will help travelers select the correct route and bus for their travel.


Transport Companies become more profitable

Better service will always result in increased brand value for transit agencies, large and small. As they garner in more customers, their profits will rise.


Latest technology at an affordable cost

Vehicles installing bus destination signs are in a position to provide next stop, route, bus number details to travelers at a highly affordable cost. New technology allows for  voice announcements, automated message progression, vehicle tracking which helps save time and money.


Cost effective for transit agencies

LED transit signs run for at least 50,000-1,00,000 hours, depending on the bulb quality – so agencies can secure their rate of return on their investment. As they last longer, LED  transportation agencies are rapidly installing LED signs. They provide a greater level of service without making a big hole in their pockets. LED lights also consume less heat and electricity which minimizes expense. The expenditure for maintaining and repairing LED bus signs is nonexistent.

If you are in any segment of the transit industry, Transign can provide you with high quality, durable destination transit signage. For instance, try out their LED Destinator™ series. Perfect for fleets of all types these are available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your installation and display needs.  These versatile and highly adaptable signs offer full integration into destination, route, and next stop announcement services, always keeping your customers pointed towards their next destination. Transign was founded 58 years ago, and has earned a reputation for superior customer service and support. The company was founded by James Youngblood in 1959 with a commitment to “Quality Products backed by Quality Customer Service.”