Benefits of Handguns

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While handgun enthusiasts can find something to love with just about every handgun on the market, there is something special about the gen5 Glock pistol. Here are just a few of the things you will find you probably love about this particular handgun.

1. This gun features a new protective coating made from nDLC. This coating means the gun will be looking nice and new no matter what happens to it. The protective finish keeps it safe from harm such as scratches and nicks and also leaves it looking shiny and new. Gun owners will love the fact their gun can be covered in mud and muck and then can simply be washed off and looking spotless again.

2. The design of the barrel has been vastly improved so that the accuracy of the gun has been improved tremendously. The new barrel design means that the tolerances have been tightened but also means that the barrels are not interchangeable with other models of Glocks like they have been in the past. However, there are always aftermarket solutions.

3. Finger grooves in the handle have been removed. This was a major complaint that many gun owners had against Glock as they were uncomfortable to hold unless the person had the perfect hand size for those grooves. The removal of the grooves has made many a gun owner sit up and take notice.

4. For all of the left-handed shooters, Glock has introduced a slide lever that can be accessed from both sides of the gun. Before, it was designed strictly for right-handed people which left out a significant portion of the market.

As you can see, there are some great options that the company has introduced to their legendary gun market. Make sure to take one out for a test shooting today.