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One of the things that you can change in your kitchen to give it an updated look would be the cabinets. There are several trends that look to be popular for kitchens of all sizes regardless of whether you want a simple appearance or one that features modern hardware and other details. When you look at kitchen cabinets in Orlando, FL, you should look for those that blend well with your personality and the style that you have.

Flat doors on cabinets aren’t on the list of modern designs. Instead, you’ll see doors that are embossed with delicate details like swirls and floral patterns. This design adds texture to the room along with depth so that you’re not looking at plain doors along the walls. Darker colors are a trend to look for as well, such as dark green or blue. If you don’t want to use darker colors in your kitchen, then consider jewel tones, such as rose gold, emerald, or sapphire. When selecting these colors, try to find a finish that will make your cabinets glisten like the jewel would do in a natural manner. Metallic appliances and the small details that are on your kitchen cabinets both create a crisp and clean appearance in kitchens of any size and design.

Another color for your cabinets that you might want to look at is blue. This can be used on cabinets along one wall with the other cabinets being white or a neutral color, similar to an accent wall that you would have in other rooms in your home. Open shelves are an option if you don’t want cabinets. However, mesh dividers are a popular choice as well. You can place the inserts on the cabinet doors so that you still have the impression of open shelves but have the cabinet enclosure on the side as well.