Affordable Outdoor Fun

Summer is best spent outside – everyone knows that. And the outdoors are better when you have lots of toys! Of course, getting all your favorite outdoor toys can be rough on the ol’ wallet, which is why it’s wise to keep ways to save in mind. By choosing affordable outdoor activities or finding ways to save on pricier hobbies, you’ll be able to pay your bills while still having fun in the sun!

Outdoor fun doesn’t have to break the bank

Ah, the summer – a time for relaxing on one’s yacht, attending wine tastings, and enjoying the finer things in life. Right?

Well, maybe. But not for everyone. Many of us enjoy the simpler things in life during the summer, and he have a blast doing it. Not every hobby is for everyone, and many of us will take a hike up a peak over a sip of Pinot Noir any day.

This summer, consider focusing on more affordable outdoor fun. Start with the things that you can do with your body: running, hiking, and swimming, for instance. In each case, a few key accessories will get you started and will last you for most of your time as a newbie.

For instance, new hikers just need good hiking boots and a water bottle. As you hike tougher and longer trails, you’ll want to add a few things to your collection: a backpack and some survival essentials (just in case), rain gear, and perhaps some lightweight but tough hiking clothes.

Mid-priced solutions for summer getaways

If you’re looking to spend just a bit more, there’s a lot you can do to have fun in the sun. Maybe a big gas grill is too pricey for you, but what about a cheaper charcoal grill? Charcoal grilling is a summer staple, and you can even grab a bag of charcoal and head to the park – many parks have charcoal grills available for you to use. And not every cookout has to have a grill at all. Top-rated electric griddles and other cooking devices are just as effective for whipping up large-scale meals for lots of guests, and you can eat any type of food outdoors – not just hamburgers and hot dogs!

Save big on big-ticket items

Of course, you don’t have to totally swear off boats and other big-time outdoor fun purchases in order to save money. A conscientious consumer may look for a place to buy used boats instead of new ones – a boat’s value drops steeply the moment it’s purchased for the first time, so buying a used one can actually be surprisingly affordable. The same goes for other outdoor vehicles, like ATVs and jet-skis.

Accessories, too, can be bought second-hand. Check Craigslist and local retailers for things like water skis and inner tubes. Look for essentials like life jackets and more, and you’ll quickly find that the little savings add up. Not every boat owner is a rich business person throwing around money to buy brand-new stuff – many of them are smart and cost-conscious like you, and just know how to spot a bargain. With a little extra comparison shopping and enough know-how to find used goods, you may find that you can afford big-time purchases that you never thought you could.

Have fun this summer

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains for free or spending a bit of cash on a used boat, summer is full of possibilities – even to the most cost-conscious among us. We’ve worked hard for our money, so we have a right to enjoy it! Spend smart and gain the things that you want most this summer. Above all, have fun!