5 Reasons To Hire A Photographer To Capture Your Proposal

Planning to sweep someone off their feet with a spell bounding proposal? Why not capture the moment as well. Considering a proposal can go both ways, accepted and denied, keeping a photographer at your disposal to capture the moment can be a brilliant idea if things go right. These pictures would fit right in to the wedding album and be the perfect shots depicting how it all started.

These pictures could also serve as wedding anniversary gifts for your better-half. Still unsure, if you can take the necessary risk or not, read along and find out.


The big surprise

That smile on your partner’s face that could light up the town is precious; preserve it forever with a picture. The moment you propose, there would be a surprised, overjoyed face right in front of you that you could keep staring at for the rest of your life and you need to capture that moment. Photographers know exactly how and when to focus and with their skill and precision, they could easily take a few celeb level proposal shots and with a little brush up later make then look magazine cover worthy.

 Discreet photography

So you’re hiring a photographer for the proposal, that doesn’t mean you’re giving away your privacy. Photographers can be sneaky too. Talk to your professional photo-buddy and plan accordingly to take a few discreet pictures so that you can share your very private moment only with your partner without bright flashes on your face.

Fly-in photographers

Are you ready for your destination-proposal? Add in the photographer and you’re all set. Some agencies offer services to capture photographs around the globe and they offer several outstanding services to capture the moments when it all began. Most services include:

  • Pre-shoot consultation- They provide tips, suggestions on where to stand and how to get the best shots while being discreet
  • On the spot shoot- The wedding photography team from GoodService will arrive earlier and take shots of you and your partner arriving, the proposal from different angles and post proposal shots.

The thought that counts

Irrespective of gender, everyone loves thoughtful gifts. Impress the love of your life with the perfect shots, capturing all the emotion loaded smiles, the teary eyed “yes” and more. With professional photographers at your side you can make sure all the joy, surprise and emotion will be expressed equally well in images.

The social media

Want you go completely paperless and share your pictures instantly? You have social media at your service 24/7. Social media worthy pictures are not hard to get but when it comes to wedding proposal pictures selfies with a diamond ring on the finger are just not enough. When you hire a photographer to do it for you, you get the best shots like-

  • Dropping the question
  • The anxious gaze, waiting to hear a “yes”
  • Putting the ring on
  • The kiss
  • The teary eyes
  • Post-engagement smiles

 Now, you can’t expect to take selfies for each of these poses. You could ask a friend but then there could be risks like-

  • Photobombs
  • Abrupt lighting
  • Failure in capturing the surprised look
  • No attention to detail
  • The amateurish photos

Instead of taking risks like this you could simply look for a professional wedding photographer or agencies that have some experience in proposal photography. Some agencies even offer services to come up with great proposal plans, so they basically do the thinking for you and all you have to do is put your spin on it and be there with your love.

When things go just as you’d planned there is no greater joy. 30 years into the future since you said “I do”, two well raised kids and with many more years to look forward to, you can renew your vows, get a second honeymoon, you can re-do it all except the proposal. These pictures will be the closest thing you have to taking a walk down the memory lane and you’ll always have pictures to go with the story of “how it all began” as well. So, go for a professional who knows what he/she is doing and choose wisely because this is for the story of a lifetime.

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